David Vega

David Vega
  • Founder & CEO
  • Company: Tridence
Digital Marketing | Digital Storyteller | National Branding | SEO | Author

David Vega is a lifelong entrepreneur and CEO of Tridence. 20+ years of leadership experience in Digital Marketing, Brand Creation, Technology, and Management of Development teams in Web Programming applications. He believes in the power of diversity. His professional experience has revolved around helping Political Campaigns to connect, adapt, and engage with the Hispanic / Latino audiences.

As an Influencer, Digital Storyteller, and Growth Strategist; he also inspires Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and Organizations to create unique social brands which captivate, engage and convert customers. He designs and support businesses to humanize their brand with their target audience. A Business Coach with a Digital Mind Blue Print – Tridence.Academy.

Check out David Vega’s latest book: Humanizing Your Brand & Be Successful.

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